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Willow Tree Haven


Providing members of our community with

Alternative Healing Services and

Wellness Related Life Resources

We are dedicated to helping Veteran families, active military families, domestic violence survivors, recovering addict's, and families of children with disabilities.

Our Story

Our Founder has a heart for giving and felt a need to create programs to help people heal from the inside out. From her own personal journey she has sought out multiple types of practitioners and therapies to help herself and others and wanted to be able to support others in finding the right treatments for them. Knowing that oftentimes pain of any kind can keep you in a state when there is a need of resources she decided to create an organization that like a weeping willow tree, can bring flexibility, strength, support, shelter, and healing to those who are in need.

Meet The Board

Who We Support

Veteran care
Domestic Violence Assistance
Recovery Assistance
Dissabled Children
Veterans, Active Military                             Domestic Violence                                        Addiction Recovery                               Families of Children
      and their Families                                              Survivors                                                                                                                           with Disabilities

How We Help

Connecting you with the tools and people you need


Third Party Provider

We do not provide services or goods.

We are hear to connect in need members of our community with businesses, individuals and organizations who can provide them with the services or goods they need to help heal and balance their bodies, minds and lives.


We look for the root

Through our application process we take into account what our applicants are struggling with and come up with options to help them heal the past and move forward into their future with tools to keep them moving forward.


Treatment partners

We are working on expanding our provider network to include more partners in our sponsorship options. We are dedicated to finding providers from all types of industries to make our support well rounded and easily accessible.



Our Sponsorships are paid directly to the providers so there is no out of pocket cost to the sponsorship recipient. With direct billing there is a seamless transition into treatment and reception of goods.

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Helping Hand

Our Quarterly Goal

Our current goal for each quarter is to provide 12 individuals with the help they need. That requires an average of $20,000.00 per quarter to achieve.

If you are able to help us achieve that goal through fundraising options or through private donations please email us or donate through our online portal.

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660 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820

Donation Portal


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