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There is a wildly miss-understood term in the massage world: DEEP TISSUE. Contrary to what you may think or have experienced, deep tissue DOES NOT have to = Deep Pressure. There are specific techniques that are used to work on the deeper areas of the muscle and they do not require a therapists full weight or strength to be reached. There are more gentle methods to be found that will do less damage to the muscle to produce a more effective result.


You also do not have to feel like a truck hit you the day after to achieve winning gains. With most deep pressure treatments the muscles are fighting the change and that creates a guarding response in the area. Muscles have memory, so with each deep pressure treatment, if the release is taking longer and the treatments becomes less affective, this may the result of the body developing a trauma response to the intrusion, resulting in resistance until it feels like no-one can get deep enough. This is know as "The Pain Cycle"


That is why we have multiple methods to help manage pain, reduce the damage done during treatment and help the body recover from previous damage. Pain is the result of something leaving the body. Given enough time and the right approach, pain can be greatly reduced while achieving muscle release with out triggering "The Pain Cycle" by making sure we stay on the manageable side of the pain scale and correcting muscle memory patterns for long term relief.

Suggested Treatments

Restore w/Kari, Sarah or Mora

Suggested Treatments

Intuitive Touch w/Sarah or Rachel

Restore w/Dee, Sarah or Mora

Deep Therapy, Light Touch

When you think of a therapeutic treatment your mind probably comes up with one term in particular; PAIN. Pain often time comes with correction or alteration of the body but we practice some amazing techniques here that minimize and, in some cases eliminate, the pain that comes with creating change in the body. 

How do we manage that? The autonomic nervous system. Our light touch methods help to hack the system to switch off the Vagus Nerve and put your body into a more restorative and relaxed state. Once that has been achieved your body will work with the therapeutic treatment to achieve big change with a light touch stimulus.

Your body will connect with itself allowing it to unravel chronic problems, deep seated issues and release trauma. As it connects with more of itself the muscles start to loosen, the structures can shift and your body can start working to correct the muscle memory patterns that have kept you in a cycle of pain.

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