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Booking your Groupon

We are a proud Groupon Partner and we love bringing value to you when trying something new!!

Things to Know


We do not substitute or exchange Groupons for other services.  When we have a Groupon for sale we are either testing out a new product or service type to see if it should be put on the menu or we are looking to help our clients try different services they may not know are available. Please be sure to read the service description when considering the purchase of a Groupon.


We redeem at time of booking so to book your appointment you will need the redemption code. This is ALL NUMBERS and can be found under the bar code when viewing your voucher. Once a voucher has been redeemed it is not available for return from Groupon. It must be used in house.


Groupon Services are NOT bookable online.  Our Groupons are specially formulated to help our therapists find the right clients for them, so not every therapist offers Groupon Services. Therefore, we do not allow them to be booked online. Please fill out the client booking form for us to book those appointments.

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