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Externship at Vada Wellness

Mora Sullivan

Student Mentor

Massage Therapist


Sarah Chase

Office Manager

Massage Therapist


Rachel Daggett

Owner, Founder

Massage Therapist

Joining us for your Externship

As you go through massage school and get a feeling for the kind of therapy you want to practice in your career,  being in certain environments can give you experience before you start out on your own. 

We offer students experience in a spa setting while providing them with a therapeutic and relaxation clientele.

Whether you are just beginning in massage school or finishing up your final clinical hours we can help support your massage school journey.

Transitioning from School  to your Career

Practice Hours during classes

Clinical Massage Hours

Internship with Vada Wellness

One of the benefits of doing your practice hours in our office is not having to lug your table around all the time for your practice hours as you learn your massage basics. The other is having access to more people outside of your personal circle so as you get a feel for how each client is different from the last. Having more access to more practice bodies will give you a better grasp of the skills you are learning.

Once  you start  your clinicals you will be able to work with different types of clients to pinpoint their problem areas and begin to find your individual style as a therapist. During this time you can begin to build a potential clientele. During this time we will be tracking your client list in the event you decide to come to work for us after graduation.

While you are waiting for your national exam and your license you may still practice treatments as a student. If you decide to apply for work at Vada Wellness we will enroll you into an apprenticeship where we will begin to train you for our basic menu items. You cannot receive payment during this time but we will set aside any tips you may receive from clients to include as a "sign on bonus" if we decide to hire you as a therapist. 

The Perks

Not only will you have a fantastic setting to practice in but all of our student therapists get to enjoy some employee benefits while they are here.


Enjoy 30% off services at Vada Wellness


The Perks membership

Enjoy self-care all month long!  Each month, your Perks membership includes your choice of up to five sauna wrap treatments or salt den sessions.


Mix and match or you can even gift one of your sessions per month to a friend.

The enhancement of the month for FREE with the purchase of a 60- or 90-minute service.

Massage Therapy

Is Vada the Place for you?

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