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I'm Christina, I'm the Business Manager at Vada Wellness. I begin the processes for therapists interested in joining our team.

Before we schedule you're interview, there are some things to know about our practice and what it's like to work with us.

The Vada Way

Our practice was built by massage therapists for massage therapists.


If you've been in the field for a while you know practicing as a therapist can feel more like being part of an assembly line that working in a field you love doing work that feeds your soul instead of one that sucks it out of you. That is where the Vada Way makes all the difference. We nurture the natural talents of our therapists, allowing them to do the type of work they want to practice with the types of clients they want to work with. We allow each therapist to build their own service options from the spa menu and encourage each therapist to develop and pursue their unique massage style within the services we offer so their ideal clientele can find them.

We have created an environment that is different from anywhere else you have worked. When the outside world is crazy its seems odd to think going to work is going to make your day so much better but our therapists often comment that the office is their happy place and coming to work is one of the best parts of their day. Our office atmosphere is designed to lull  you into a state of rest and restorative peace, and we work as a team to support each other as much as our clients.

We are a low impact practice! Which means we do the least amount of harm to achieve the best results for our clients. While practicing massage the owner has one rule. We DO NOT hurt ourselves to help our clients. The entire practice is set up to help our clients understand that we do not apply massage by pressure, we apply massage by technique which means we work in a way that the body accepts to break the perpetual cycle of muscle trauma caused by deep pressure work that causes harm to the therapist and the client.

We have a restorative wellness benefits package to help our staff feeling their best. Our part-time staff enjoys The Perks membership and 30% off menu price services as well as PTO. Our full time staff enjoys The Perks membership, 30% off menu price services, PTO and the Perks Plus which includes a 60min service or Softwave treatment each month.

We have lots of in-house training. We do not currently have CEU training but in the future the owner will be getting her teaching certifications to provide CEUs for the staff.  We have both in person and online training modules for our staff to access regularly.


If you are ready to work in a spa that values you and your talents please contact me to schedule your entry interview.


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