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Are you Ready to Transform?

There is a whole world beyond traditional massage that is slept on far too often. Trying new things can be scary but our signature treatments blend the familiar with the unknown to help create an experience that will transport you to another place and connect you with parts of your body you didn't even know where there.

Each of these treatments pair classic massage with ancient Ayurvedic techniques and perfectly paired enhancements to create a treatment like no other. 

Be bold! Step into the unknown and find what you never knew you were waiting for. 

Learn more about it

Learn more about it

Learn more about it


Pairing Energy with Touch

Energy is in every living thing and the affects of it can sometimes be felt in the body. As an energy based practice we use everything we possibly can to help our clients reach a level of relaxation and self healing. From the moment you walk into our office you start receiving therapy through sound, light and atmosphere to help you unwind from the stresses of the outside world and begin the rest and relaxation process far before your therapist starts your service.

Whether your treatment begins in the salt den, the infrared sauna wraps or the Zen Garden your energy begins to transform the minute you walk through the door.


Our Salt Den features, Infrared Crystal Biomats, Salt light and Salt Aerosol therapies.

Our Sauna Wraps feature Salt light and Far Infrared therapy.

Our Zen Garden features a live indoor garden with crystals and water fountains.

All of our treatments rooms have a customized playlist of solfeggio sound therapy to help unwind the mind and relax the body.

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