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Reiki Treatment

Mind Body Connection

Relaxation treatments are wildly under-valued. Studies show that mental and emotional stress lead to regular states of anxiety and they also show that people who regularly have anxiety experience greater levels of tension in their bodies. Do you really think a deep tissue massage that requires you to "breath through it" is going to lower your anxiety levels? Negative.


If you regularly experience tension, especially in your next and shoulders the trick might just be a relaxation based treatment. By working from the root; your autonomic nervous system, relaxation therapy can not only put your mind into a state of rest but causes the tension in your body to relax.

Now, we're not talking your "basic Swedish" we're talking the ooie gooie, calming kind of treatment that will have you comfortably dozing and wondering where you are type of treatment. How do we accomplish that? Let's explore.

Suggested Treatments

Mud Treatment

More Than Luxury

If you look at the enhancements and think it's just a lot of fluff, you're missing out on a lot of benefits.

Our enhancements are chock full of nutrients your body is lacking during different times of the year. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and if you are like most people it is terribly under nourished. Adding a mask to your treatment or simply taking time to dedicate to your face while relaxing in our indoor Zen Garden and soaking in some crystal therapy can greatly improve the condition of your skin and help boost your immune system.

Most of us know good hydration is essential to keeping the skin healthy and providing a strong barrier for germs, but forget to add notoriously rich products to the mix. The next time you feel a little under the weather or more tired than usual, add a mask to your treatment, it just might be the boost your body needs.

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